5 Tips to Take Your Networking to Another Level–Especially in a Coworking Space.

One of the most daunting things about coworking is those initial interactions on your first couple of days. Firstly, we are all about connecting people here at Mill Street. We're here to help with those first introductions. That's why we've put together this handy guide to take your networking to another level–that works especially well in a coworking space.

1. Know what you want...

Who are you looking to connect with AND why? You could be looking for people in the same industry as you with complimentary skills, or are you looking for people who are an extra mile down the road you're walking? Defining this critical goal is crucial when growing your network.So then you can make sure you're surrounding yourself with the right support network to progress yourself and your business.

2. Set a goal.

Life's always easier with a plan. And, it's well known setting small, achievable goals is the best way to do it.If you have a bigger goal... Say "to know everyone in the building or at a certain networking event".

Start smaller and build gradually. Try snooping out everyone in your industry or just say "I'll introduce myself to three, two, or even just the nearest person to me everyday." You'll hit that bigger goal in no time.

3. Get known, show your likeable and trustworthy

It's a fact, we all do business and work with people, businesses and brands we know, like and trust!When you're introducing yourself to atleast one person a day, you're already getting known. But, how do we show we're likeable. Well...

1. Show you have a sense of humour.

2. Actively listen to those talking.

3. Don't be judgemental.

4. Be authentic. Just be you.

5. And smile... But not all the time because it's a bit creepy.

And the trustworthy bit comes from doing all the above, consistently.

4. Go beyond your comfort zone.

This comes in two parts...

1. Even to the gravest extrovert introductions can be daunting. So, introduce yourself to those that you wouldn't normally speak to, and say yes to events of interest to you, wherever they may be.

2. Naturally, we feel most confident introducing ourselves to those on the same rung of the ladder as ourselves. Typically, coworking spaces are a collective of individuals performing jobs at differing levels. From CEO's and freelancers to employees and remote staff.

And, you may be deterred from introducing yourself to a CEO or Managing Director of a high-street brand who may be sat next to you...

But, you never know what opportunities can come from a thirty second intro.

Believe me, I see great things happen everyday.  

5. Don't Stop.

Once you've found your people and created a bountiful, supportive network... don't stop with the introductions. Why? Because there's new businesses and characters joining every week. And, they offer you and your business brand new opportunities AND - these new individuals and businesses might just be feeling like you did before you completed step 1!

It's as easy as that! So, what's stopping you? Get involved with the community here at 1MS... We're a right friendly bunch!

Interested? Want to see our space in person? Drop us a message here.



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