7 Reasons why coworking at 1 Mill Street is awesome - Charlotte Wilson.

Guest Post by Charlotte Wilson

Telling people you work from a coworking space in Royal Leamington Spa is the new equivalent to revealing you studied an antiquated language at school. It sounds mysterious, everyone is instantly jealous, and suddenly your own regular dialect seems awfully dull and regressive. Unlike the Ancient Greek syllabus at an all boys school however, coworking spaces like 1 Mill Street do actually serve a purpose – and a very valuable one.

If like me, you’re a freelancer who despises working for the man while simultaneously needing to fuel an increasingly bourgeoisie lifestyle. The benefits that a hot desk space within a vibrantly creative community can bring are multiple. Similarly, for businesses who want to stay agile in an ever-changing climate, opting to set you and your co-workers up in a shared working environment can do wonders for staff productivity and company finances alike.

So, why else is co-working at 1 Mill Street so finger-licking good? Well, as 7 has always been a relatively lucky number, revered by footballers, pop stars and horror-movie makers alike, here’s seven very valid reasons why…

1.    Leamington Spa is THE place to be

I’m conscious of not adding too many references of the term boujie (alternate spelling bougee also accepted) into the already saturated zeitgeist, but Leamington Spa has a very good rep. Being voted one of the happiest places to live in Britain, it’s no surprise that a co-working space should pop up here and flourish as a result. Which is exactly why 1 Mill Street was a complete no brainer for me in deciding where to park my anti-nine-to-five bum for 3,5 or sometimes 7 days a week. Plus, with 24/7 access to an insanely instagrammable building, located within a nice town, the opportunity to work (and socialise) whenever the mood takes you is palpable.

2.    The Food is POPPING

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a workspace filled with trendy creatives must be fuelled by food and drink that can make it to the ‘gram. This sweet spot is that perfect balance between healthy, nutritious meals, delicious baked goods, and joy-inducing comfort food. 1MS serve up a daily street-food inspired menu that ranges from Gyros, to ribs, freshly made soup to tasty bagels. It’s so friggin’ appetising you’ll find yourself throwing your packed lunch away more times than you’ll hear someone ordering a chai latte with oat milk.

3.    There’s a world of opportunity

Coworking spaces, by nature, should be full of opportunities to network. At 1 Mill Street, you literally cannot move for shit-hot talent. Honestly. Whether it’s a creative agency helpfully lurking in one of the offices, a talented developer sat on a resident’s desk or a table full of copywriters (we do generally tend to stick together) if you need something, chances are that right here is where you’ll find it. And if you’re terrible at networking? (because same) everyone is so obnoxiously kind and friendly that it’s difficult not leave a conversation feeling inspired.

4.    There’s a BAR

Yep. Not only are the desks generously peppered with talent. The food mouth-wateringly good. And the coffee expertly crafted. But there is also a fucking bar. And it’s glorious. Had a bad day? There’s a bar. Had a good day? There is a bar. Got a liquid lunch planned? There. Is. A. Bar.  Not only that, but the cocktails legitimately taste like tiny drops of heaven, and they make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Plus, remember those of us who are bad at networking? There’s a damn bar in the place guys! You simply cannot go wrong here.

5.    It’s a community for good

If you didn’t already know, 1 Mill Street is the coworking space with a heart. Operating out of the hot-desking area is the Make Good Grow team. Their job is to bring together skilled volunteers (many of whom happen to be 1MS members) with worthy, charitable causes. Therefore, as a 1 Mill Street member, you can sleep sound in the knowledge that your coworking space is also helping to do a lot of good in the local community.

6.    Creativity is boosted

Remote working is now pretty much the norm for many of us. This is great for flexibility and managing a better work-life balance, but if home is now your main or only office, it can get pretty lonely. Not only is this bad for serotonin levels, it’s also terrible for mining creativity. As someone who worked solely from home for over 18 months, stepping into a place full of like-minded people was liberating. That, and it was about time I started wearing proper clothes during the working week again. Not only does working from a coworking space boost my creativity and increase productivity levels (especially when I’m super stressed) it also makes it much easier for me to switch off from work when I need to. You know, because of the bar.

7.    It gives direct scalability

Lucky number 7 isn’t even a benefit that directly impacts me, but it’s an important one. For businesses that need to grow, scale down, or find some flexibility for staff, a coworking space like 1 Mill Street offers a lot of value. For small businesses or entrepreneurs looking for office space, a coworking space allows scalability without a long-term commitment on an expensive lease. Plus, coworking with other businesses encourages collaborations that you probably wouldn’t have thought of before. Essentially, it really is the gift that keeps on giving.

So, all in all, 1 Mill Street is the coworking space that all coworking spaces should aspire to be. Why? Well, because it looks fabulous, it’s bursting with talent, it sells banging food, enables mid-week drinking and encourages your business to grow. It also makes everyone feel very welcome.

What’s not to love?

About the Author:

Charlotte Wilson is a freelance copywriter who Hot-desks here at 1 Mill Street. With over ten years experience, Charlotte specialises in tech, healthcare and education. A big fan of red wine and finding new ways to blame the patriarchy for almost anything, you can reach Charlotte on LinkedIn here.



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