We want to be more than a coworking space. That’s why we’re always searching for ways to add value and better our members and the wider business community of Leamington.

The Mill Street Exchange is one of our latest initiatives doing just that.

If you didn’t know what The Mill Street Exchange is yet…where have you been?

The Mill Street Exchange, in collaboration with Warwickshire County Council and The University of Warwick, offers no nonsense business advice for FREE, every Thursday, 10am-2pm here in The Urban Garden.

Now, business advice is quite a broad term. So, we’ve split how we help you into three sections:

  • Talent
  • Finance
  • Space

Why? Because successful businesses recruit top talent to drive their company forward, can access tailored finance and grants, all whilst operating and scaling in a suitable space.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a new initiative to 1 Mill Street, Warwickshire County Council and The University Warwick. It’s early days, nine weeks and counting. But we’ve seen some huge success stories already.

So, let’s hear from someone that has benefited from the no-nonsense business advice The MSE offers.

CJ Hamill (also a member at 1MS) is a Change Management Consultant concentrating on Social Enterprise, Digital Start-ups, and Growth.

What business challenge made you approach The Mill Street Exchange?

“Multi-level funding for digital innovation”

How did the challenge make you feel?

“As with all funding options, trepidatious! Especially when past experiences with the local authority have led to frustration and no follow through.

Describe your experience with The Mill Street Exchange?

“The team were knowledgeable, friendly, approachable, and had the ability to discuss matters on a commercial level. More so than I’ve ever experienced from a local authority in fifteen years of business.”

What specific results can you share?

“I now have three clients that are considering funding at each level of business development. From start-ups to scale-ups. I’ve also referred a few folks their way too. So, I’m an advocate!

What would you say to someone thinking about approaching The Mill Street Exchange?

“I met someone new today at The Mill Street Exchange counter. When they asked what this was, I replied “It’s functional, fit for purpose advice for your business.” And that’s exactly what it is! Thank you to all involved and 1 Mill Street for the ability to use The Mill Street Exchange.”

Now, this is an example of how The Mill Street Exchange can be used at a higher level of business development. But we want to be inclusive of all areas of business growth.

So, whatever your business challenge or ambition, big or small, The Mill Street Exchange can signpost you to the right resources, top talent, local support programmes, grant and fund pots to take you to the next level. No appointment necessary, just drop in.



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