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The Bean

Our female-led networking event!

The Bean is a women+ focused coffee club based at 1 Mill Street launching on International Women’s Day.Starting from next Tuesday 8th March we will be hosting a coffee morning every second Tuesday of the month, as a safe place to meet, connect and you guessed it - spill the beans!Our ambition is to bring together women+ of all backgrounds and experiences from within the 1 Mill Street community and beyond. To share open-minded, thoughtful discussion around the more challenging moments of life in an inclusive and supportive space.

Body Calibre

Body Composition Analysis @ 1 Mill Street by Body Calibre.

For those of you genuinely interested in the state of your body composition, we have Body Calibre setting up in The Urban Garden, 10am-1.30pm.Their state-of-the-art machine report will tell your skeletal muscle mass, segmental lean muscle, visceral fat, intra and extra-cellular water content + more.

The Mill Street Exchange

If you’re new to 1MS or still don’t know what it’s all about… We offer FREE, no-nonsense business advice every Thursday.

If you’re new to 1MS or still don’t know what it’s all about… We offer FREE, no-nonsense business advice every Thursday.So, if you’re looking for access to grants and funding to scale or grow your business, on the search for top-talent or you need a new space to operate your business from…Chances are, we can help!No appointment necessary, just drop in and have a chat.

The Life Support Cafe

With Sally Bee and Nicky Pattinson

A pop-up masterclass featuring The Life Support Cafe in a dynamic evening event to inspire, entertain and ignite your positivity, curiosity and ability to upgrade your life no matter who you are, who you do or what you want. Everything is possible. But how do you get it in a changed world? The answer is...


A laidback chat every Friday 12.30pm-1pm.

The Topic changes every week. Keep an eye on Slack. No need to prepare anything. Just bring yourselves and a coffee.

Free Fizz Friday

Join Lewis, El, and Mia at the bar every Friday!

Join Lewis, El, and Mia at the bar every Friday, 4pm-6pm for as much fizz as you can handle for FREE! Please drink responsibly...

Speakers Club

You are welcome to come along to our regular meeting for a special educational session on evaluation and impact of the spoken world.Part of the key attributes of a great Speaker is the ability to evaluate both your own and others' communication.Evaluation enhances your active listening skills, critical thinking and the art of distilling key messages. It helps you to increase the impact of a piece of spoken communication.So imagine a meeting where you're able to summarise and feedback the information. Where you can demonstrate real understanding and comprehension of a speech, a presentation, or a podcast. AND be extremely discerning about what constitutes great communication and speech making.


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