Working From Home is So Last Year - El Prior

You’re a remote worker and you aren’t hot desking?

But working from home isn’t working for you, right?Introducing Leamington’s best-kept secret for digital nomads - 1 Mill Street.

Post-lockdown, reluctance to return to the suffocating sterility of an office wasn't surprising. After the final release from our own 4 walls, going back to work felt like lockdown again. People don’t want to be stuck at the same desk…in the same building…with the same people…from the same company,Monday to Friday 9 to 5.

So working from home became the ‘hot new thing, but…People were finding it difficult to distinguish between work and downtime. When home becomes the office, how do you switch off when the clock hits 5? The isolation was a killer too. Creative flows flourished at home, but so did loneliness. The people were in need of an in-between; a space between the office and home.



Agile, affordable and adaptable,

Coworking provides a stimulating, exciting environment with flexible memberships. You’re not signing into a ten year-long lease, in fact, you’re actually cutting costs.

That means…

  • Slashing those ‘shocking’ energy bills
    There are multi-sockets galore. Switch off that outlet at home, and plug into the vibrant community of coworking instead.
  • Saving that broadband allowance for Netflix-ing
    Buffering is a thing of the past with Mill Street’s ultra-fast broadband. Guaranteed to load your result before you have time to click search.
  • Not drinking all of your instant coffee in one day. You can drink theirs instead. There’s a member’s kitchenette stocked with freebies. Enough tea to keep your brain sufficiently fueled. Or, if instant beverages aren’t your thing - there’s a coffeehouse a short walk downstairs.
  • Those expensive Friday beers are a thing of the past
    Have I mentioned there’s a bar? All hot-desk members get exclusive, wonga-saving offers too…

Your membership covers all your costs minus food, but trust me - the menu is worth the extra cash.

Once you’re signed up, your notice period is only 30 days. So, if it’s not for you (it will be), you’re not tied in. And that’s not all…“More benefits?” I hear you ask. Well, I’ve got 2 words for you.



Transatlantic meeting at 6 AM? As a Hot-Desk member, you can get into the building at any time. Rock up, tap in and get working. There’s even sound-proof meeting pods for those that need a little more confidentiality. …

So by signing up, you could be part of an eclectic community with…

  • Exclusive, all hour access to the building
  • A coffeehouse and bar
  • Free superfast WiFi

Still not convinced? You must be fun at parties.



  • Access to our bar
  • Join exclusive events
  • Gain discounts
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